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SDL for AmigaOS 4.0

This is a port of SDL, the Simple Directmedia Layer, for AmigaOS 4.0. SDL is a popular open-source API for games and other software that need low-level access to video and audio hardware and input devices.

SDL was created and is maintained by Sam Lantinga, but has had a legion of contributors of the years (see SDL credits). The AmigaOS 4.0 port was created originally by Thomas and Hans Joerg Frieden, but for the last two years has largely been the work of me, Richard Drummond. Other contributors include Juergen Schober (who developed the audio layer).

You can find may OS4.0 applications built with SDL at os4depot.net and some that I have built on my Amiga Stuff page.


SDL for AmigaOS 4.0 is available as a shared object - you'll need to download and install this if you want to run any programs dynamically linked with SDL - and as static libraries for either the clib2 or newlib C libraries. You only need to download the developer files if you want to compile software that uses SDL yourself.

README.AmigaOS42008-01-30Release notes
SDL-1.2.11-20080130-AmigaOS4-src.tar.gz2008-01-30Source code
SDL-1.2.11-20080130-AmigaOS4_shared.lha2008-01-30Shared object
SDL-1.2.11-20080130-AmigaOS4_clib2.tar.bz22008-01-30Developer files (clib2)
SDL-1.2.11-20080130-AmigaOS4_newlib.tar.bz22008-01-30Developer files (newlib)
SDL-1.2.11-to-SDL-1.2.11-20080130-AmigaOS4-diff.gz2008-01-30Diff against official SDL 1.2.11 source


Send comments, bug-reports, etc. to evilrich@rcdrummond.net.