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I am a keen supporter of open-source software and have contributed code to several open-source projects. When time permits, I also dabble with a few projects of my own, which you can find information about here.

Software projects

Amiga Stuff

My ports and projects for AmigaOS 4.0.


My version UAE, the Unix Amiga Emulator, incorporating work from the latest versions of WinUAE, plus lots of bug fixes and new features over the official UAE version. I currently provide binaries for Linux (for both x86 and PowerPC architectures), Mac OS X, BeOS and AmigaOS (currently only for 'classic' 68k Amigas).

Latest version: 0.8.29-WIP3 (Updated 2006-07-31).


A simple tool for capturing screenshots from the Linux kernel framebuffer device.

Latest version: 0.4.2 (Updated 2007-03-02).

Kernel Patches


Fixes accelerated image-blitting (e.g., for console text), pseudo-palette handling in true-colour display modes and includes big-endian fixes for the Voodoo3 (doesn't fix hwcursor). See this post on the LKML. Status: merged in 2.6.0-test3.


Fixes for tdfxfb framebuffer driver to support accelerated console text and hardware cursor on Voodoo3 cards on big-endian machines (such as the Mac). See this post on the LKML. Status: merged in 2.4.22-pre10-ac1.