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This is a version of UAE, the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator, with an emulation core largely based on WinUAE. It attempts to bring many of the great features of WinUAE to non-Windows platforms. This version now finally has a name, E-UAE, since that's what everybody was calling it anyway. The 'E' can stand for anything you fancy. Experimental, extreme, exciting, egalitarian, eggplant, . . .

Currently it will build and run (with a varying degree of supported features) on Linux and other Unices, Mac OS X, BeOS, AmigaOS itself (either for 68k machines or PPC machines with AmigaOS 4.0 and the AmigaOS clones MorphOS and AROS). OS X requires either LibSDL or an X server for graphics output, but native graphics are supported on AmigaOS and BeOS, although, at the moment, SDL is also preferred on BeOS since the native driver is incomplete.

E-UAE is open-source software and is made available under the terms of the GNU GPL. E-UAE is based on the work of dozens of contributors including Bernd Schmidt (the original author and maintainer of UAE), Bernie Meyer (the author of the x86 JIT compiler), Toni Wilen (the current maintainer of WinUAE), and many more.

To make full use of E-UAE you will need access to an image of some version of the Amiga Kickstart ROM (although UAE does include a ROM emulation which may work with some old games). The Amiga Kickstart ROMs are copyrighted material and may not be freely distributed (so don't ask me for a copy). If you don't have an Amiga from which you can legally make a ROM image, a selection of ROM images are available for purchase online from Cloanto - publishers of the Amiga Forever distribution.



E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP4 released

Here at last. Lots of bug fixes, better performance and an experimental OpenGL renderer in the SDL back-end - which, incidentally, makes E-UAE fly on Mac OS X. Grab the binaries below while they're still warm. Yummy!


A new release soon

It's been a while, I know, but it's coming...

Ubuntu packages

Users of Ubuntu Linux 6.10 on x86 hardware can now get unoffical E-UAE packages. Thanks Morgoth!

Minimal Linux for E-UAE

Amir Ansari has written an excellent guide describing how to build a cut-down Linux distribution for running E-UAE on. Amir's X-less distro is based on Gentoo Linux, uses the Linux framebuffer device and DirectFB, and boots in 15 seconds.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP3 released

A new WIP release is here - slowly treading the path to a more featureful and stable 0.8.29 version. Lots of progress has been made. See the README and the Changelog for more details.

I do apologize for the slow release of binaries lately. Besides a chronic lack of free time, I've been suffering a lot of hardware problems lately. Some of this has been due to the thunderstorm season here in Indiana (and my surge protector just not being able to cope) and some due to my hardware just wearing out. I'm trying my best to get back up to speed. Please bear with me. Thanks to all those who donated (I'll put an updated list of donors online shortly): this really helps at times like these.

E-UAE elsewhere on the web

Mac users of E-UAE might want to check out this new Mac-focused Commodore emulation website, Think Commdore. German speakers should also have a look at this site dedicated to German users of E-UAE on OS X. Mac users should definitely try out Hi-Toro, a GUI-based front-end to E-UAE for OS X. The developer, Daniel Pimley, has been putting a lot of effort into this lately. Thanks, Dan!

Gentoo too!

Much progress has been made on the 'packaging' of E-UAE for Gentoo users. Thanks to Peter Volkov for his work on this.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP2 released

This releases fixes 32-bit P96 screens on PPC hosts and some minor bugs in the build scripts.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP1 released

Although it may not seem like it - due to a lack of public releases - lots of work has been going on in this project recently behind the scenes, improving compatablity and performance, fixing bugs and adding new features. However, I'm still not quite ready to release version 0.8.29 yet. Never mind that; here's your chance to take a look at some of this recent work: release 0.8.29-WIP1. See the README and the ChangeLog for more details of the changes. Warning: while lots of bugs have been fixed since 0.8.28, but many of the new features in this release haven't had much testing yet and some features are still incomplete, depending on your platform. Binaries for the usual suspects will be made available during the next few days.

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Currently, you may download this version of UAE in the following formats. Note that UAE is the work of Bernd Schmidt, Toni Wilen and a host of other contributors and is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2).

README2007-03-27Release notes
e-uae-0.8.29-WIP4.tar.bz22007-03-27Source code
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_linux-i586_sdl.tar.bz22007-03-27Linux/x86 binary, built with GCC 4.1.2 against glibc 2.3.6, ALSA, GTK+ 2 and libSDL 1.2.
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_linux-amd64_sdl.tar.bz22007-03-27Linux/AMD64 binary, built with GCC 4.1.2 against glibc 2.4.0, ALSA, GTK+ 2 and libSDL 1.2.
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_linux-ppc_sdl.tar.bz22007-03-27Linux/PPC binary, built with GCC 4.1.2 against glibc 2.4.0, ALSA, GTK+ 2 and libSDL 1.2.
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_amigaos4-ppc_sdl.lha2007-03-27AmigaOS4/PPC binary with SDL graphics, statically linked against SDL.
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_amigaos-m68k.lha2007-03-27AmigaOS/68k binary. Requires OS2.0+, 68020+, 32MB+ RAM. ixemul.library not required.
e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4_macosx-ppc_sdl.dmg.gz2007-03-27Mac OS X/PowerPC binary, built for OS 10.2+ against libSDL framework. No config GUI. (X server not required.)
e-uae_0.8.28_amigaos4-ppc.lha2005-09-21AmigaOS4/PPC binary
e-uae_0.8.28_morphos-ppc.lha2005-09-21MorphOS/PPC binary.
e-uae_0.8.28_aros-i386.zip2005-09-21Experimental AROS/x86 binary.
e-uae_0.8.28_beosr5-i586.zip2005-09-21BeOS binary for R5/x86.
e-uae_0.8.28_beosr5-i586_sdl.zip2005-09-21BeOS binary for R5/x86. Built against libSDL.

Older versions


Send comments, suggestions and bug reports to: uae@rcdrummond.net.